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Our Direct Debit service is processed through our parent company, Hallway Studios Ltd. Below are the terms and Conditions of Hallway Studios Automatic Payments Service.

Terms and Conditions of Automatic Payments Service

What is this service?
For your convenience, Hallway offers an automatic payment service to enable hassle-free, on-time and automatic collection of all your payments due.

This eliminates the need to manually send payments to us by BACS or cheque, saving you valuable time so that you can get on with running your business. We’ll also be able to automatically and reliably assign your payments to your account.

Once you set up this agreement, Hallway will collect payment from your nominated bank account via the Direct Debit scheme for all payments due on your account.

We are pleased to partner with GoCardless, who operates this service. GoCardless securely encrypt all of your information, are sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland, and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Direct Debit Guarantee
You will be covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee when making payments under this system. The Direct Debit Guarantee offers protection to customers paying by Direct Debit. It entitles them to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid, approved automatically by their bank. Any dispute resolution must take part outside of the Direct Debit scheme (e.g., between the customer and supplier themselves). The Direct Debit Guarantee does not impact any contractual agreements between a merchant and their customer, and fraudulently charging back (the act of requesting a refund) a Direct Debit payment is a criminal offence, covered by the 2006 Fraud Act.

What we will bill for
All invoices raised on your account will be debited via Direct Debit automatically, as well as any renewal notices for services previously agreed or billed for. This includes (but is not limited to) SSL certificates, domain names, web hosting and retainer agreements.

When we will bill your account
An instruction to debit your account will be made up to 2 days before the due date shown on each invoice, payment request or renewal notice. Funds will leave your account 2-5 days after this.

In the unlikely event that we collect payment in error, a refund will be made available as soon as is reasonable. Please note that there may be a delay of several days to process refunds due to the length of time it takes for banks to process these requests.

A refund of payment will not constitute admission of fault in any dispute, which must be resolved separately where applicable.

Automatic payments and this agreement can be cancelled at any time by either Hallway or you. Simply terminate the Direct Debit instruction at your bank, with GoCardless directly, or contact Hallway Studios on 020 3519 8585.

Cancellation by either party does not constitute cancellation of any outstanding amounts due, which must still be paid by other means.

Additional Terms and Conditions
All goods and services provided to you will also be subject to additional terms and conditions, which are available upon request.

The GoCardless service will also be subject to terms and conditions.

Your agreement
By clicking the “I agree and wish to continue” button, you warrant that you are an authorised agent of the company you are about to set this payment agreement up for, and that you agree to everything in these terms and conditions. You also agree that you enter into this agreement as a business entity.

We will keep a log of the date and time of your agreement, along with your name and IP address for security reasons.

About us
“Hallway Studios”, "Hallway", “us” and “we” refers to Hallway Studios Limited, a company registered in England & Wales no. 6580066. Registered address: The Trampery, 239 Old Street, London, EC1V 9EY.

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